19 Jul


Welcome to me, They call me heaven,
Welcome to be my girl, They call me dream of future
So come to be the one, And come to be my girl,
Welcome to me, Welcome to be my girlIt’s an offer that’s hard to reject like Marlon Brando
My voice is hard to hear flowing out like a piano
Don’t compare me to kids who put strength in their eyes
Yes, you don’t know me? Then don’t talk
Oh my my my my, if I’m gonna tell you all around
There might not be enough time

One and only with you
Here together forever
You will get to come me

* Without a place to escape, it’s a closed and different road
As if you’re possessed, you will walk over to  me
In my way, these are the words of love
I guess I’m ready now, I guess I love you now

Yea, I’ll pass on my introduction this time
You know who I am better than I do
I’m a dope MC, I eat up popular MCs as if they’re delicious food
If you’re attracted then come, if not, don’t – don’t think twice about it
This is just the answer, from downtown to uptown
A life that changes right away – if you don’t like it, I’m just fine

I suck up the passing time like a tornado
Words that I’ve never heard before will be a goodbye – adios
This is an obvious story like a schemed game
You really don’t know who I am? Then don’t talk
Oh my my my my, I might go insane
Don’t waste my precious time

One and only with you
Here together forever
You will get to come me

* repeat

Yo yo – I welcome you to me, come straight forward on the one way street to the stairs of my heaven
Even your dreamed future will fall for me and be blocked so come come to be the one
There will never be any regrets around me
Beautiful girls are all around but I’ll give you my welcome

Even if I start from the beginning, it’ll be the same words
You will get to continue to come to me
I’m telling you I really want you
I guess I’m ready now, I guess I love you now

You can thank me your welcome girl don’t hate – what’s not to work girl?
Welcome me, don’t play hard to get – don’t waste my time yes or no
I’m not the style to try, whine or draw things out
It’s up to me if you’re mine – if you ponder, it’s a waste of time

I can be nice, but I’m too busy,
Why don’t we make it now, So make make it now
Why don’t you say it now, So make it start it now
I’m ready now, So make it start it now


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