2007-01-16…Fat AlBert

16 Jan
The last time, i was sitting and boring in front of TV.
 i felt that no anything on TV. was interested for me.
Suddenly i met “Fat Albert” was playing on STMV.
i dicided to watched it with in 3 mins. 
i felt that i liked it so much
and if i have opportunity
i want to introduce everyboby 
who are i know for to watch “Far Albert” 
The movie was produced by Davis Entertainment
for 20th Century Fox, and stars Kenan Thompson as the title character.

The plot surrounds Fat Albert and the gang leaving the cartoon world and entering the real world in order to help a teenage adolescent deal with the challenges of being unpopular, and not having any friends except her adopted sister. Her unpopularity stemmed from her tendency to withdraw into a world of her own as a consequence of the death of her grandfather, Albert Robertson, who was actually the inspiration for the Fat Albert character. It is up to Fat Albert and the gang to show her that she is special and can make friends.

Unlike some movies that melt the cartoon world with the real world while at the same time keeping the cartoon characters two dimensional, e.g Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Fat Albert takes a twist and transforms the cartoon characters into three dimensional humans, who have to come to grips with the differences that exist between their world and the real world.

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